Table of Contents
I. Installation
1. Requirements
2. Installing Under Unix
Required Packages for RPM-based Operating Systems
Ports for FreeBSD
Configure PHP
Configure the Webserver (Apache)
Configure MySQL
Install and Configure Cacti
(Optional) Install and Configure Spine
Apply Patches
3. Installing Under Windows
4. Upgrading Cacti
II. Basics
5. Principles of Operation
Data Retrieval
Data Storage
Data Presentation
6. Graph Overview
7. How to Graph Your Network
Creating a Device
Creating the Graphs
8. Viewing Graphs
Graph Trees
9. User Management
Editing an existing User
Creating a New User
Copying a user
Enable/Disable Users
Batch Copy Users
Delete Users
Guest (Anonymous) Access
III. Advanced Topics
10. Graph a Single SNMP OID
11. Data Input Methods
Creating a Data Input Method
Making Your Scripts Work With Cacti
12. Data Queries
Creating a Data Query
SNMP Query XML Syntax
Script Query XML Syntax
13. Templates
Data Templates
Graph Templates
Host Templates
Import Templates
Export Templates
14. PHP Script Server
Using the Script Server
Upgrade Steps for the Example HostMib Data Queries
Migration of Existing PHP Scripts to Script Server
Testing Your Script in the Script Server
15. Spine
IV. Help
16. How To
Simplest Method of Going from Script to Graph (Walkthrough)
17. Frequently Asked Questions
V. Reference
18. Variables
Graph Variables
Host Variables
19. RRDTool Specific Features
GPRINT Presets
20. Command Line Scripts
Rebuild Poller Cache
Re-Index Hosts
Empty Poller Output Table
Reapply Suggested Names to Graphs
Copy Local Cacti Users
Add a New Device
Associate a Data Query to an existing Host
Associate a Graph Template to an existing Host
Add a New Graph
Add Items to a Tree
Add Graph Permissions
21. Debugging
Check Cacti Log File
Check Basic Data Gathering
Check cacti's poller
Check MySQL updating
Check rrd file updating
Check rrd file ownership
Check rrd file numbers
Check rrdtool graph statement
RPM Installation?
Not NaN, but 0 (zero) values?
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